Aug 21, 2009

First day of Homeschool Ideas

I have been obsessing a little on the upcoming school year and how it will have changed for me. Here are some ideas I have heard about that I really like:

  1. Do some back to homeschool shopping, let her choose a backpack, for when we study on the outside our house, also get some pencils, notebooks and other school supplies that are usually on sale at this time of year. Let her choose a lunch box in which to pack field trip lunches. She was in public school before and she might even want to pack lunch somedays even when we are just eating at home. Those school supplies are a traditional ritual, and there is no reason for homeschooled kids to miss out on them.
  2. Choose a few decorations that fit our school curriculum-borders, posters and so on. Get Princess Belle to make some as well. Decorate one area of our house with previews of the coming year.
  3. Let Princess Belle help plan our curriculum. She has things she wants to learn about in music, and she has ideas for field trip.
  4. Let her catch me making things for school that I try to hide, saying they are a surprise for school. Make big plans for the first day of school-special lesson plans, a big craft, lunch out or whatever makes it fun.
  5. Plan favorite meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner the first day.
  6. Go somewhere in the afternoon, such as library time--it is practically empty!
  7. Take a family portrait for our Family Homeschool Yearbook
What do you do on the first day of school? What traditions do you have?


yofed said...

We don't really have a first year, we go year round and take breaks whenever it's needed... But for the first day of public school, we'll probably go to a picnic or something like that, with other homeschoolers. I love your idea of packing a lunck and having a backpack to study out of the house!

I have pictures taken at the kids bday, and those are the pictures I use for my school pictures right now. I will have to do things differently soon, since I have to report in June, but I think pictures of all the kids in the fall, as a "class" picture could be quite fun! lol

Thanks for making me think today!

Julie said...

I don't really do anything special on the first day... We do buy school supplies before hand, and on the first day of school I take pictures and possibly some videos... Other than that, we just do our regular school schedule (which includes chores, etc)