Mar 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things about Twisted Cinderella
  1. I went to a new grocery store yesterday and I was really excited to see that they had a lot of the vegan and vegetarian products I have been looking for. I was like a kid in a candy store examining all the stuff I wanted and trying to pick which ones I was going to get this time.
  2. I am changing to that grocery store from now on.
  3. I can't believe that Sanjaya didn't go home on American Idol! I guess this was his best week, but he really is the worst singer up there. Do you think he is getting the pity vote?
  4. I made a scrapbook page for my best friends nephew and his grandfather. I think it is cute.
  5. Little Princess has been saying some cute things lately like: "Mommy . . . I love you more than the light from the moon." which completely melted my heart.
  6. She also believes that Old Macdonald has a dog named Bingo, a farm with animals and a restaurant that serves hamburgers.
  7. She really made me smile when she told me that she thinks that the kids she met when she went bowling live at Bowling's house. And that is a marvelous idea and wants to go visit them soon.
  8. I love when she looks at me and says, "I am a good girl, am I mommy?" instead of "I am a good girl, aren't I mommy?"
  9. I am really happy that all the new food I have found at the grocery store will make being a vegan so much easier!
  10. They even had tofu and veggie burgers on sale for $1.50 a pack! I bought lots!
  11. I found cheeseless pizzas, and Amy's products, and all sorts of things I can't wait try.
  12. The taxi driver who drove me home told me about a specialty store downtown that I can try too.
  13. I am having a hard time getting Little Princess to go to bed at a decent hour. Well actually she goes to bed, it is the going to sleep part that is taking some work.

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Michelle Hasker said...

your little princess sounds sooo cute. I have three of them and a prince, but he's my youngest. Great job finding that new store :)

Fantastagirl said...

I love reading about your princess - she sounds sooo sweet and don't you just love how the mess up words - it's days like that - that make is so much fun to be a mommy!


Oh how sweet of your little princess. It would melt my heart too if only I can hear my grandson say that.
Looks like a grand restaurant.
My T13 is up too.

Samantha Lucas said...

This was my first time on your blog, I'm soooo impressed with your weight loss. Good for you!

And I have to admit, Sanjaya surprised me this week, he was actually sort of good, but poor Stephanie had real talent. Jordan's my favorite though, so as long as she doesn't go home, I'll handle it. lol

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

There is no justice in the world, as long as Sanjaya stays on AM. I think he's cute as a bug, but he can't sing worth anything!

Lazy Daisy said...

You are having a good little princess sayings. Hope your day is every bit as wonderful as you are!

Gattina said...

Children words are better then all jokes together !
your cartoon is so true !! lol!

Heather Patey said...

Sounds like you had a good day. So, what stores did you find? Tell us!

Emmy said...

Yay! Congrats on finding a good grocery store :)

Christine said...

I agree, last week was Sanjaya's Best week, but he definetly is the worst singer there. My husband says it's because of his hair and eyes! That just melts my heart to hear 'Lil Princess say that!Josh is the same way about bedtime and has always been that way. Katelyn and the baby fall asleep at the same time every night! I think it's because he has such a high metabolism and tons of energy. He definetly doesn't eat too much sugar!
Have a great Thursday, TC!

Jamie said...

It sounds as if you have had a truly good week. Though my prince and princess are now in their 40s, I found sleep came faster if there was lilac in the bathwater and an enforced quiet time in bed being read to for at least a half hour. Takes a while to build the habit, but they both learned to sleep easily.

Katkat said...

I love how kids love us! Happy TT!

Indiana Amy said...

I am seriously ready for Sanjaya to go home too. I think it's a bunch of 13 year old girls voting for him who think he's cute. Much like the one they kept showing crying...what was that about anyway?

Marcia said...

Sanjaya stayed because all the little preteens voted for him. . . I hope they go to bed next week. Jordan and Melinda are awesome.

Little ones are so sweet.