Mar 25, 2007

I can

This is a great idea I got from My Many Colored Days.

"We focus so much on what we cannot do, I thought it would be a good idea if we all thought of things we can do. So, ahem. All who would like to participate in this exercise (lurkers please join us:)), add your link below and leave me a comment. Your post should follow this outline: "

I can make my little girl feel loved and secure.
I can be strong when I need to be.
I can find almost anything you need to know on the internet.
I can keep my family fed with wholesome foods.
I can invent new recipes which never taste the same way twice.
I can make my home a comfortable place for my freinds to come.
I can make my home a relaxing and comfortable place to be.
I can listen to my daughter and know when she is out of bed even when she is tiptoeing.
I can read her favorite books without actually looking at the words.
I can stay up all night to cuddle my princess when she is sick so she sleeps.
I can catch a child on its way to the floor.
I can be a good listener to the important secrets of the young.
I am SUPERMOMMY and for now, I can do anything.
I can capture those precious moments on camera so that I can look back and remember.
I can pour my heart into a scrapbook page so my daughter will always know that she was loved.
I can make my husband laugh.
I can comfort my princess.
I can teach my daughter that she can do anything she wants to.
I can teach her to pursue her dreams.
I can give hope.

I can love.

Be as serious or funny as you wish!


Undercover Angel said...

When everything around us makes us focus on what we can't do, it's very refreshing to see a post on all of the things we can do. Nothing I cook ever tastes the same way twice either...actually come to think of it, it never looks the same way twice either....

Lei said...

lol undercover angel...

this was so nice to read. we are amazing women in the simplest of ways!

Melli said...

Oh, I LOVE this! I will do it -- but I don't know when. I'll see when I get a break in the Cyber Cruise! LOL!

Kat said...

Wonderful list of things we can do!

kewkew said...

Love your list. Thanks for sharing.