Mar 19, 2007

Monday mumblings

Boy does today feel like Monday! Yesterday started out well. Little Princess and I made pancakes. Nice blueberry Vegan Pancakes. I had mine with applesauce as I was out of sugar-free syrup.

blueberry pancakes
This recipe is suitable for a: vegetarian or vegan diet

1 cup flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup rice milk (soy milk or almond milk should be fine) (I added extra to thin this out a bit)
1/4 cup applesauce
1/2 cup blueberries

Combine dry ingredients well in a bowl. In another container, combine the applesauce and ricemilk. Pour the liquids into the dry ingredients and combine till all the flour is very moist but still a little lumpy. Add blueberries and lightly fold in.

Heat up a pan and get it good and hot. Take a 1/4 cup measure and scoop up some batter and pour into the pan. You should hear it sizzle. Wait until the pancake becomes bubbly and the bubbles look like they might want to stay, then turn the pancake over. Cook the other side for 30-45 seconds. Put the completed pancake onto the plate and repeat the great batter pouring process until you run out of batter.

Little Princess seemed happy enough most of the day, dancing around in her tutu telling me she was "balleting".

However, last night the good stuff came to a screeching halt. As a result, I am sooo tired today. Little Princess is sick again. She has an ear infection and she was miserable last night. Poor little thing was crying in her sleep every time she moved. She woke up ever 1 1/2 hours and wanted me to come in and cuddle her. I got one hours sleep. On the up side she seems to be feeling better at the moment but she is still running a fever. I think she has yet another ear infection. UGH! Will that poor girl's ears ever get better.

On another note. Check out this Katchy Kids Dancewear Contest! Little Princess loves all things pretty, girly and princess-like and I knew when I saw Katchy Kids Dancewear that she would go crazy for one of their beautiful skirts. And while Joy has been designing and making dancewear for years, her website is brand new. So what better way to get her off to a great start than to tell you all about this contest!


Emmy said...

Ooooh, vegan blueberry pancakes sound so good. I wish I had those for my breakfast :) Awww, what a cute pics of your daughter in her tutu. So sorry to hear she has another ear infection. I hope she feels better soon! (and that you can get some sleep too).

Jennifer said...

Girl, I am right there with you! Alex has been sick off an on, and now I have what appears to the be the flu. I swear I fell asleep in front of the open frig this morning!

Christine said...

Lil' Princess makes a very cute Princess Ballerina. And those Pancakes look awesome. I'm going to have to make them this weekend! The kids love Pancakes, and with applesauce instead of syrup a big plus for my son. The less sugar the better! Very cool, thanks for the recipe.

Jenny said...

My son likes pancakes. I should make him some of those.

blackpurl said...

those pancakes look so yummy!

Fantastagirl said...

those pancakes look yummy!!!mmmm

Does the little princess have tubes in her ears? is she too old to have tubes? I hate to hear that she is sick again, the poor thing!

Amber said...

Hmmmmmm...healthy blueberry pancakes. Definitely a must-try!

April said...

Bless her little heart, I know ears can be painful!

Let's have a great OP week!! :-)