Sep 26, 2016

Now and Later

I love sweet moments with my kids where we just enjoy each other.  This morning, I decided we needed a day like that.  So I put on a family movie and the kids all cuddled on the couches and chairs (even Princess Belle) and we watched a movie together.  It was fun and I was reminded again what a big, soft squishy heart, my Princess Magpie has.  Where the other girls simply enjoyed the movie, she was moved to tears and in the end laughed with joy through her tears.  She really is very sweet. 

Little Prince had speech therapy today and we discovered that even after our move, he will still be covered by the same therapist!  The continuity will be great for  him.  I did discover that we don't have to have all his EIBI in our house and that we can arrange to have it at other places like the park and the swimming pool!  I also discovered that we can delay his schooling by a year if we so choose and I think I am going to do that.  I really believe the difference another year of therapies could do for him would be amazingly helpful in schooling him!

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