Sep 7, 2016

For the First Time

Today for the first time, I am feeling excited about our move.  The rest of my family has been excited all along, but I was feeling a little nervous and a little sad to be leaving Yarmouth.  But today, I am feeling the possibilities of this beautiful home.  There is the excitement of living in Annapolis Royal in the Annapolis Valley and the wonder of being able to raise my family in a rural location which is also close to everything we need. Having an amusement park so close by for summer fun is kind of cool too.  The best part is this . . . there is no way we will ever be able to find a house more suited to us than this one.  We will never find a house that is more beautiful, has more rooms, has a better yard or is in a better location.  Any move after this will be a step down.  That means that we have every reason to really settle in and make this our home.  I can finally feel settled and I haven't felt that about a house for a long time.  This feels like the beginning of a new life for me and my kids and that is wonderful. 

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