Sep 25, 2016

Poor Baby

Well, this morning Little Prince woke up and I had a hint as to why he was SO cranky yesterday. Maybe all his whining had something to do with whatever caused his little lip to be all swollen up! This morning I went to get him and he looked like Donald Duck! Poor baby! This morning he was whining and cranky and wouldn't eat until I gave him a freezie! Then after he ate his freezie, he felt better, he ate his breakfast, watched his shows, and was his happy, cute, little self.  He is spending a lot of time touching his lip, but he seems better.

I do wish I know what he did.  I would love for him to tell me.  I can only assume he hit his lip on one of the many, many times that he has stumbled and fell.  My poor boy has more bruises than I can count.  I swear I am going to make him wear hockey padding for all his life!

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