Sep 28, 2016

Saying Goodbye

As this move draws closer, I find myself feeling a little melancholy about some things.  Now to be clear, there are some good things that I do know: 
  • I know that when all is said and done, we will be happier and more settled than we have ever been.  
  • I know that this new house will be more and better than we could ever hope for again.  
  • I know that this new yard and garden is fantastic. 
  • I know that moving to an historic community that is actually the oldest one in Nova Scotia is exciting.  
  • I know that the fact that when we arrive we will have a note left on our counter with all the helpful local information and a number to call when we want someone to show us around is AMAZING and says something about the friendly nature of the residents there.
  • I know that when this is over, we will be very happy.
But I also know that I liked it here.  I DID NOT like our accommodations, but I LOVE Yarmouth.  It is beautiful, friendly, welcoming, and special.  I found lots of favorite places, parks and shops and I became friendly with the shop owners, to the point that they would make friendly inquiries about our past conversations when I came in.  While I knew our house wasn't at all suitable (it felt like a slum), I honestly thought we would be in Yarmouth for a long time.   So now as our move draws closer, I find myself silently saying goodbye to places I am going for probably the last time.  And it makes me a little sad. 

As I told Prince Charming, I will be glad when this move is done, so that I can be done saying goodbye and begin the process of exploring and making Annapolis Royal our new home, one which I am confident we will be in for a long time. 

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