Sep 13, 2016


Today I am surrounded by stacks.  Stacks of laundry I am doing and stacks and of boxes I am packing. I am really working hard to get ready for this move and am a packing madwoman. Little by little the house is starting to come together. 

As for laundry, I have a plan.  I want to get every tiny little bit of laundry done.  Then I want to gather all the clothes that are owned by each individual child in this house together into stacks.  Then one by one, I will go through the clothes.  Anything that is ripped, torn or stained will go in the garbage.  Anything that doesn't fit will go to charity.  I see no need to move clothes are no longer useful to anyone in our house.  I expect this will be a full day job (I have a pretty big family), but it will be good to get a handle on who needs what in the future and to be organized. 

On a sidenote, I am pretty sure I am going to have a family closet for all the kids in the new house that will make it easier for me to keep on top of things in this way. 

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