Sep 15, 2015

This is the One

This is the adorable face of my nightly companion. This sweet boy makes sure I don't get too many hours of sleep in a row like regular people.

He makes sure I am up on all the latest episodes of The Wiggles but makes sure to cry occasionally to make me guess which other show he wants that day.

He hates the sound of Zamel the Camel and always plugs his ears when he is on The Wiggles but screams if I fast-forward through him.

This sweet boy also sits in between my knees, lays back against me and snuggles me. He giggles as he watches tv and even though he doesn't talk, sometimes he repeats the songs he hears on television. And he smiles when I sing along with his show. This non-verbal boy who doesn't like to be touched a lot will gently push me into my chair so he can climb on and sit in my lap and rock. This little boy has stolen my heart and is worth all the sleepless nights in the world.

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