Sep 4, 2015

A Big Tackle

Yesterday, I tackled a huge project.  I cleared out our storage room and storage closet.  I sorted the boxes into three categories:  grown up books, kid's / learning books, and not books.  The pile that wasn't books fit into the little closet.  I placed all the learning books on one bookshelf making sure to keep ine section for current homeschool books.  The Prince Charming and I went through our books and picked out which ones we wanted to keep and which ones we wanted to donate.  We picked out SIX boxes of books to donate!  I brought them to the place that gave us books for the kids as a way of giving back.  Then I placed all the books we were going to keep on a shelf of their own.  So my storage room went from a place so full of boxes you could hardly close the door, to a functional little library!  Instead of being an embarrassing disaster, it makes me happy to see it.

I also put a bunch of kids books in a llittle kids libraryI have set up on the landing.  That made my girls VERY happy!

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