Sep 1, 2015

The Worst Happened

I have mentioned before that Little Prince is a whirlwind when he is up.  He is constantly running and climbing and we are all on high alert to try to keep him safe.  Well last night, I failed and he fell off a chair and hurt his head.  We spent hours in the emergency room waiting to get him checked out.  He actually seemed okay other than the GIGANTIC bump on his head.  He was happy flappy watching tv in the waiting room making his happy sounds.  I was a weepy, worried mess.  I kept thinking about how he can't tell me how bad it feels or if something feels wrong and it was breaking my heart.  As we sat there together, him doing his thing, me crying, I wondered if he was bothering the other people there.  But mostly, I was glad he was happy.  And I was happy when they said he was going to be okay.

Here is a link to a video of him in the waiting room.

When we got home he wanted to spend time with his sisters.  So we piled all the chairs in the kitchen out of climbing range and let him stay up with them a while.  He mostly rocked in the armchair and watched the Wiggles.  And went right to sleep when we put him to bed.

The doctor did warn me that he would be in more pain later and that the big bump would cause a pretty bad black eye.  My poor boy.  He did wake up last night making his sound he makes when he hurts.  So I gave him some infant Tylenol and sat with him until he settled. Then I went to bed and lay there awake worrying while he slept.  He is still asleep now but I hope he's doing better.  I love my baby boy so much!

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