Sep 3, 2015

I Never Expected This

It is funny how having a son with autism effects our life in unexpected ways.  When Little Prince is up, he is the focus.  We spend all our time trying to keep him safe.  When we decorate, we have to do it with a him in mind.  Will he be able to pull on it and break it?  Will he be able to climb it?  Will be able to move it into a dangerous place?  Will he trip over it?  When he gets up,  all the table chairs get moved to the other room.  The vase gets moved.  All breakable things get put up.  And we put it back when he goes to bed. I never expected this stuff when he was almost 4 years old.  But we are both learning as we travel down this autism journey together.

One benefit of moving the chairs is that the table has become a play house.

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