Sep 23, 2015

So Here It Goes

So today is house cleaning day.  I'm starting with the girls' room.  I have hangers to put all their clothes up in the closet.  I have pictures to put up on the wall.  I have a great pink, furry carpet that matches their curtains and pillow cases that match as well.  Their new beds should come on Friday, so their room will look so cute!  I even have two tall hampers to help with their stuff.  One hamper will be for toys and the other is for all their costumes.  The only things left I want to get is little shelves and new bedspread.  It will be so cute!

Here's some of the stuff:

I'm also going through the house and cleaning and organising the house room by room. All the floors, all the closets, and all the laundry. It is going to be a busy, busy day and I am going to need Princess Belle and Prince Charming to help with the littles but it will be nice when it is done.

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