Sep 4, 2015

figuring it out

So I have been trying to figure out how to feel better and I have worked somethings out.
- I knew for years that I haven't been able to digest fat since I had gallbladder surgery.
- But due to an elimination diet and some VERY strong reactions, I know I can't tolerate milk and gluten.

So this means that there's a reason no diet I was ever on suited my stomach!  Each one had fairly high amounts of one or more of those things.  I was working against my own body!  So as of now, I am really concentrating on getting myself healthy.  I am eating a diet that consists of healthy whole foods, fruits, beans,  veggies, nuts, rice, and seeds.  I am avoiding meat, dairy, and gluten.  Right now it feels a complicated, but I am working on a plan to make it easier.  I have fruit and nuts for breakfast, salads, soups and stir-fries for lunch and I am still creating supper ideas.  I am open to suggestions and will share any particularly good creations.

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