Feb 9, 2015

In Motion

Little Prince is a boy in motion. He is always moving.  Every second of every day that he is awake, he is rocking, running, flapping, or moving in some other way.  He is so cute and sweet and I would love to capture that on film, but mostly I capture the blur of him instead.  A lot of times, I capture cuteness in motion, like this picture here.

Or in this picture where parts are blurry and parts are not.  (I love that his face is the part that isn't blurry in this one!)

Or I may take a picture where I capture a moment of relatively slow motion so that he is only a little blurry, like this one here.

See, cute girl, cute girl, blurry cute boy.

See, cute girl, cute girl, blurry cute boy who isn't even looking.  Because really how interesting is a mommy with a camera anyway.

But once is a while, I will get a shot of momentary stillness that is so cute.  Like this one here

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