Feb 23, 2015


I am so impressed with my girls.  We took extra time off over the winter and I was worried about us getting behind in our homeschooling.  But my girls work hard and they actually really like doing their school work and they are always pushing to do more and more.  So as a result, we are no longer behind at all!  In fact in for Princess Belle, we will be finishing up our History and Geography curriculums really early! 

Princess Magpie is doing extra math because she actually likes math.  While she is doing her math, she pauses, looks up at me and says, "This is SO MUCH FUN!"  I can honestly say I have never had that reaction to math, but I love that she does. 

And with Princess Snifflefritz, I had to go dig out some other books to do, because she was finishing up her curiculum.  She just LOVES school so much, she actually cries when school time is over (unless it is snack time because my girls LOVES her food!!). 

Princess Snifflefritz using a toy bulldozer with her flower petals.

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