Feb 17, 2015

Creative Solution

 I was pleased today that Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz agreed to do school separately so that I could spend more time individually with them.  It was so much better.  I got to really concentrate on each of them and I was really pleased with how much better Princess Snifflefritz did.  Princess Magpie is doing amazing, the only thing I need to work on with her, is her reading and writing. 

Princess Belle was doing so well, She is doing so great in her math now!  We haven't been struggling at all with her willingness to work at all, but she was frustrated with her book closing on her all the time. So I came up with a creative solution.  I had a napkin holder I bought at the dollar store and it fit perfectly over her book to hold it open for her. 

I made pancakes today for Pancake day and I made them egg and dairy free!  They were easy, yummy, and the kids loved them.  Princess Snifflefritz had THREE of them! 

Little Prince had me up last night watching Peg + Cat and I didn't get back to sleep until 6:30.  I got up at 8:30 this morning, so I am a little sleep - deprived and this post may totally be rambling, so I hope you bear with me here.  I do think that homeschool, pancakes and happy, fed kids and a happy mommy is a lot to accomplish on an exhausted day.

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