Feb 23, 2015

Great Find!

I have been eating veggie again.  My stomach is so much better when I do that.  And I am taking vitamins and supplements to try to keep myself healthy enough to keep it up (No more hair loss for me!).  I really want it to work!

This weekend, when I was at the Alderney Landing Farmers' Market here in Halifax, I found this great place (Belly Full of Veggies) to get YUMMY vegan treats.  The owner, Sasha, is so sweet and helpful.

And she makes the very best vegan meat and cheese substitutes I have ever tasted.  I went to her table at the farmers market and came home to the yummiest 'bacon' and tomato sandwich EVER!!!  I will be making  many trips to the farmers market just to go to her shop, I swear!!  I love her chicken and bacon seitan and I can't wait to try more of her yummy goods!

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