Feb 16, 2015

Inside and Out

The last couple of days we have had a blizzard, flooding, and then freezing temperatures.  As a result we have ice EVERYWHERE!  I am so hibernating until I can get outside my door without breaking my neck!

We did have a good day in homeschool though.  Princess Belle sped right through her work and the girls chose to do their work at Princess Belle's desk instead of their little ones so that they could work side by side. I do wish they would let me do school with them one at a time, but they want to do it together each vying for my attention at the same time. 

After school, they had fun making puppets and putting on a puppet show.

Well Princess Snifflefritz decided to turn her puppet into a paper plate craft instead. 

I love their creativity.  Last night Princess Snifflefritz dressed up using crafts made by Princess Magpie.  She came to me and with a paper crown, paper sword, and a paper heart shaped shield and said, "Look Mommy!  I am a Princess Knight!!" 

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Stay safe in this weather!