Feb 22, 2015


I finally got out of the house yesterday.  I am amazed at how good the simple trip out felt.  I took the bus downtown, and then the ferry across the harbour to the farmers market.  The boat trip across the harbour isn't very long but somehow the sight of the sun on the water makes you forget just how VERY cold it is outside.  It was LOVELY. 

And the farmers market was wonderful.  Just crowded enough to be fun without having it be so crowded that everyone was pushing and shoving.  People chatted when you stopped at their tables and proudly displayed their goods. 

This is the entrance, it gets bigger as you went further in.

These carvings were cool.  The man who made them showed me how they look like completely different things depending on which direction you looked at them.  Sort of like a tangible illustration of how perspective changes everything.   He set them up for my picture and then turned them for my second picture so that I could have a good shot of both views. 

It was a nice day out before the massive rainfall and flooding that was going on today in our world.  Did you see the video of the steps behind our house! 

I only bought a couple of things but it was nice and I definitely intend to go back again for more fun!

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Amber said...

The perfect day out! I love visiting Farmer's Markets. They are so much fun and it's wonderful to support local farmers and artisans!