Jul 12, 2011

Princess Belle moment

I had a moment today that reminds me of when I was a little girl.

Let me tell you about one of my favorite memories of my dad. When I was little, one of my favorite things to do was listen to music with my dad. He would lay on the floor in front of his record player and I would sit beside him. He would play all his favorite songs (Charlie Pride, Hank Williams, George Jones, Tammy Wynette etc) and after each song, I would always ask him, "What was the story in that song daddy?" and he would tell me all about what was going on the song. I was always moved by the song and I LOVED spending that time with my dad. On long car rides, he would sing the songs himself and most of the time, I be would so entranced that I would be moved to tears by the stories in the songs.

Well today, I was sitting with Princess Belle in the living room and I just started singing one of those old songs, "For the Sake of the Children". She stopped and listened intently and after it was over, she asked me to explain the song to her. And she seemed entranced as I spoke and then sang it again. Later, as I thought about it, I was brought back to those days with my dad.


Julie said...

What a sweet memory. :)


Aimie said...

What a sweet blessing.