Jul 9, 2011

Good Days

It was a little cooler this morning so I got up and got to baking a bunch of goodies for my family while it wasn't too hot to have the oven on. I made mini-bbq meatloaves, bacon and mozzerella filled biscuits, corn bread muffins, and cheese filled biscuits. I also put a chili in the slow-cooker for supper. After all my baking was done, we took the kids out to a little carnival that a store was having for it's grand opening. It was great fun. There was a HUGE lineup to meet Spiderman (he had a great costume and looked really authentic!) However, Princess Belle and I were getting some popcorn and cotton candy for all the kids when Spiderman came up behind us. We ended up being the first ones to meet him and get our picture with him!! We skipped the very very very long line entirely completely by accident! Afterwards, we took the kids to the pet store to see the animals and music section of the store next door. It was great fun.

And on our way home everybody fell asleep. (Princess Belle woke seconds before I took this pic)


Eschelle said...

a day can't be bad as long as cotton candy is involved LOL :)!

Michelle said...

Yummy cotton candy.

That was a good days work!

Julie said...

Sounds like fun! Would have been fun to see Spiderman! :)


Aimie said...

love the Spiderman picture!!! Looks like you all had a really nice day together!!