Jul 30, 2011

Comparisons and a Request

Here is a scrapbook layout I did of Princess Snifflefritz and one I did of Princess Magpie at the same age. It is fun to look at them and see their similarities and their differences.

On the homefront, not too much has changed. Still working on my secret project. I am having a problem with Princess Magpie that I would love to ask your advice. At night, when they are in their beds, she has taken to biting her baby sister. I haven't caught her in the act, but I have seen the evidence. Poor little Princess Snifflefritz is such a gentle soul, I hate to see that happen to her and Princess Magpie is only 3 years old and has limited language abilities. I can't make her understand what she is in trouble for if I don't catch her in the act. Advice??

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