Jul 1, 2011

Canada Day!

We had a Great Canada Day today. We went to watch a Memorial Day Parade first thing in the morning. The girls were awestruck by it. Princess Magpie was exclaiming, "Mommy! They are Marching!" and Princess Snifflefritz watched with her mouth open in shock the whole time.

Afterwards, we went to a Canada Day Celebration. The girls went to bouncy houses, ate hotdogs, had their faces painted, and did handpainting. It was a LOT of fun.

Our supper tonight is an easy recipe I am giving a shot:


1 Package Egg Noodles
2 Large Cans Beef Stew
1 can peas drained
1 can corn drained

~ Boil noodles per package instructions and drain
~ put noodles back in pan
~ Add beef stew, corn and peas
~ stir under low heat until desired temperature

Edited to add: although I had heard good things about this recipe, it wasn't a huge hit in my house. It was okay, but I probably won't be adding it to my regular rotation.

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