Jul 25, 2011

Little things

There are little things that never fail to make me smile. They are small but every time, they just bring a little light to my day. Some of them are:

  1. the way Princess Snifflefritz walks. I love the deliberate, slightly awkward, always purposeful way that she strides around our house.
  2. morning hugs where little arms wrap around my neck, so excited to see me after a long night apart
  3. "I lush you mommy." and "Mmmm. . . I like brekfes." as they take off to see what I have prepared for them.
  4. "What's wrong Sisser?" As Princess Magpie brings Princess Snifflefritz everything she can to make her feel better when she is sad.
  5. "Heppa Me!" "Heppa Me!" As Princess Snifflefritz has once again climbed onto the chair she can't get off of, but still insists on climbing.
  6. Little chubby legs climbing up into my lap for random cuddles . . . just because.
  7. Sleepy smiles when I wake little girls up in the mornings.
  8. Big grins, waving and "Hi Mommy!" coming into the room and then immediately leaving again waving and grinning "Bye Mommy!" and lather rinse repeat for as long as the game seems fun to a 19 month old.
  9. So many little voices and little giggles and little feet pitter pattering filling every corner of my house with chaos, noise, love, and family. I truly am blessed.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Enjoy those little moments... They are gone all too quicly. Kids, they grow up WAY TOO FAST. *sigh*