Jan 27, 2009


Welcome to TRIBUTE TUESDAY a chance to let that someone who has made a difference in your life feel special by paying them tribute.

I think my first tribute will be to my wonderful husband. He will never how many ways he has set me free.

I know when you look from the outside there are so many little things that a man can do as a matter of habit that can be picked up and horded as ammunition in some future battle. But if you start to tally up the things done wrong you have to remember to add the things done right to their column too.

The truth is when I met Prince Charming, I was shy, unsure of myself, felt unattractive and easily walked over. But then he came along and through his eyes, I saw myself as beautiful and sexy. As he stood strong for me so that I wouldn't be walked over anymore, he taught me to be strong for myself. He makes me laugh on a daily basis. Not just little giggles but big hearty belly laughs.

I love his sensitive side. I love he will actually cry at shows like Ghost Whisperer. I love how he cuddles our girls, takes joy in them and just loves on them. I love how he is so sweet with Midnight, our puppy. With one look of his big puppy dog eyes, Midnight has all the cuddles and treats he wants because Prince Charming can't resist.

I love to hear him tell me about his latest project or something that made him laugh and I love the way he gets so excited about some things. There are times he sounds like a ten year old boy so filled with excitement that he can hardly contain it. It is that childlike enthusiasm that drew me to him when we first met.

I love how his personality goes back to the chivalric days of old. He is the one who stands tall with sword held high to defend those who can't defend themselves. He is honorable and a White Knight in a day when those things are so hard to find.

In view of the person that he is and how much he has brought to my life and how lucky I feel to have him, how can I really care about a few socks on the floor or a little snow on the walkway.


Tasha said...

sounds like a great guy. You are so blessed to have ound him.

-stephanie- said...

How blessed you are to have such a kind, caring man. Nice tribute.

oh, found you over at Wayne's World.

Wayne said...

Thankyou so much for taking part in this weeks tribute Tuesday and I hope you will take part every week.

Your fella sounds like a amizing guy and I wish you both every happines together.

This is a great Tribute to him

blissfullysimple said...

He sounds like a wonderful man! Touching Tribute!

Kimber said...

Certainly sounds like you have a keeper. Great tribute.

Jenn said...

What a wonderful tribute. I hope he gets to see this. He sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us!

Julie said...

What a nice post! Bet he is sure pleased. :)