Aug 1, 2008

1st Doctor's appointment

Well little Princess Mag-pie had her first doctor's appointment today. She did fabulously. She has grown 2 centimeters in the last week and she has surpassed her birth weight by 2 ounces. She checked out great.

I checked out okay too. Well almost. My blood pressure is up . . . a lot. So much so that my doctor has said that if I experience any other symptoms I am to go to the emergency room. That sort of sucks but there it is I guess. I didn't expect my blood pressure to continue to be a problem after th baby was born. Let's hope this goes away soon.


Anonymous said...

My blood pressure went up in my last pregnancy too... And though it went down a little after birth, it never went back to where it had been. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed for your blood pressure to stabalize. I hope all is well.