Apr 21, 2016

That Awesome!

Little Prince is having a good week this week!  Firstly, he ate more than just nutella sandwiches.  He ate waffles, apples, nuggets, and grapes!!!  And every time, it was his own idea!  I am so grateful that he seems to be more interested in exploring new foods.  I watch him when we are eating, and if he is showing any interest at all, I add a little to his food.  I don't take anything away, I just add the new thing and it seems to be helping!!

He is also having a good week verbally!  He is learning that using the right words can help him get what he wants  I have heard him ask for Toopy and Binoo, Yo Gabba Gabba and Teletubbies (which he ever so cutely calls Telepuppies).  He has also asked for cookies and apples!  I am thrilled! 

He reads books and points to what is in there and says the words he knows!!!  I also noticed that his much more involved in a show when he watches it now.  When he was watching Toopy and Binoo, he was reacting.  He laughed at parts, he reached out and touched their faces.  He sang when they did.  It is different, like watching television was a participatory sport instead of just a passive one and I am so happy with this development. 

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