Apr 9, 2016

Okay . . . It'll Be Okay (Repeat Until you believe it)

Yesterday when I was talking to the therapist about next year when Little Prince will be starting homeschool too, I was left a little shell-shocked.  First of all the idea that I need to fit 3 hours a day into my schedule for therapy has me terrified!  How can that be done????

Then it got me realizing that I need to be ready to homeschool this precious boy of mine.  I mean, it took me a while to get on my feet with homeschooling Princess Belle, but we got that figured out.  Then I went into a tailspin (that I only just recently came out of) when I started homeschooling the two girls and I realized how much time that was going to take.

Now my days are pretty full, I am pretty sleep-deprived, and my house is never as clean as I would like it to be, but I manage to keep things mostly done.  So coming to the obvious realization that in one short year, I will be performing the very scary task of homeschooling a mostly non-verbal boy with a VERY short attention span, who is very set in doing his own thing his own way and also fitting in 15 hours of therapy a week as well has me petrified.

I am in my planning mode right now.  I am researching curriculums, tips, resources, and ideas for homeschooling children with more classic autism.  I am planning my days for next year.  So far I am thinking that mornings are for homeschooling the girls (remembering that Princess Belle has high-functioning autistism, is in high school now and needs extra attention).  Afternoons I can plan to homeschool Little Prince and have his therapy).  I can try to get all of my cleaning and cooking done after therapy.  And finally I can try to squeeze a little time in for myself in that hour before bed if Little Prince is cooperative that day.  And doing all that on what little sleep Little Prince lets me  have!

*Yawn* I am tired just thinking about it.  (But that may be the fact that I had 3 hours sleep last night LOL)

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