Apr 30, 2016

She Likes It

I took Princess Belle to the new place today.  Prince Charming was worried that she wouldn't like it.  It is old, smaller, has less storage and looks like Grandma's house.  Honestly, I love that about it.  But I wasn't sure what she would think.  It turns out, I shouldn't have worried.  She LOVED it.  All the little details, the old style windows, the tiny bathroom with the clawfoot tub, and the quirky way it is built, etc.  She noticed all those details and it spoke to her the same way it spoke to me!  She LOVES her bedroom and spent the rest of the day planning it!  I am so happy she likes it.

She even found the funny swing in the tree in our backyard and spent a few minutes on it.  (I LOVE that we are 3 doors from businesses and our backyard looks like the country!

I have decided to take this move as an opportunity to get rid of excess clutter.  She are some places to drop off donations right by the new house so that will make things easier. 

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