Aug 5, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

One thing I am proud of is Princess Belle's reading. She is learning to love to read things and I often find her sitting beside the homeschool shelf with a pile of books surrounding her reading them, picking out things she wants to do. With a little encouragement, she has even started reading chapter books. She was intimidated by them. Just looking at all those pages with no pictures was scary. So we made a deal, she would read a page and I would read a page. She is really liking it. We started with Beverly Cleary Ramona books. I remember liking them at her age.

Can I tell you a secret? . . . I can? . . . Oh good . . . I knew I could talk to you. I DON'T like my new place. The floor is super-super-high gloss and so as soon as someone walks across the freshly washed dry floor, it looks smudged and dirty. I am paying a fortune in rent and my baby is STILL sleeping in my room! The laundry is a closet in my daughters room and I really need some space to spread out when I am doing laundry. There is no place to fit my freezer so I had to put it in the corner of my living room! We couldn't get our satellite hooked up here because of the lot. Every day I find more and more things that I just don' t like about this place. It is lovely. It would be perfect for a smaller family with lots of money. But we have are on a budget and for a house that takes up so very much of it, this one just doesn't suit us at ALL. Okay, there . . . I got that off my chest . . . thanks for letting me vent.

On the other hand, I LOVE living in Gander. I like the stores, the parks, my friends, everything.

Princess Magpie is as cute as ever. Still just as obsessive over everything being in the right place, but cute and happy. Princess Magpie is happy, quiet and content. If I could just get her to sleep a little longer, she would be the absolute perfect baby.

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Julie said...

Glad to hear that Belle is learning to love reading. :) ... I love that Jared and Alicia love it too... Just wish I could get Josh interested.