Aug 20, 2010

Friday Five

I decided to post some pics of why I hate my new place. I took pics the day I moved in and I loved it that day, before actually living here and realizing how inconvenient it really is here.

So here are some pics of some of the reasons I want a new place here in town.

First of all, my bedroom. It is lovely. It is huge. It houses Prince Charming and I, our computer and our baby girl. That means that when I want to get on the computer, I have to try to sneak on at some point when the baby doesn't need me, because when she is sleeping, the computer wakes her up. It also means that I have to almost hold my breath all night because she is a LIGHT sleeper and turning over in bed, moving too much, snoring, etc all wake her up. I HATE IT. We need a place where she can have her own room.

Second, my laundry room. Or rather my laundry closet. It is that little place behind Prince Charming in this picture. Notice there is nowhere to put a table or some shelves or anything at all to help me spread out and organize. It is also in Princess Belle's room which again limits my access somewhat. I HATE IT. I need a place with an actual laundry room.

Thirdly, my kitchen. Isn't this a lovely room? It is, but that is the entirety of my kitchen. This tiny little space is where I get to create my culinary masterpieces for my family. It is too small!!! Also, notice that lovely fancy tap on the sink? That little tap means I can't use my dishwasher!! It won't hook to that tap. I HATE IT. I need a bigger kitchen with more space for two people to be in the kitchen at once and a normal tap on the sink.

Fourthly, my dining room, or the lack thereof. This little cubby hole is the entirety of my dining room it is too small but the fact that there is nowhere else in this house that my freezer will fit means that I can't even get use of this space. I have to put my kitchen table in living room and my freezer here. I HATE IT. I need a basement for storage and my freezer and a proper dining room.

Number five is a double whammy, this door that you see and this beautiful floor. This lovely shiny black floor smudges when you walk on it, and scratches when you look at it. It is awful! This door you see leads to our neighbours half of this house. It is NOT soundproof and when we are in our living room, we play games to figure out what they are watching or wondering how long it will take them to get their dog to stop barking. I HATE IT. I want a nice normal floor I am not scared to ruin that looks clean when I clean it and neighbours I don't have to listen to all the time.

The thing is, it is a beautiful home and if we were a smaller family, it would probably suit us just fine, but right now? For us? I HATE IT.


Anonymous said...

It's a really beautiful house! I have a laundry closet too but I really like it because when I'm not using it, I can close the doors and be done.

Twisted Cinderella said...

That would be fine if the closet was located where I could actually get at it. Unfortunately, it's in Princess Belle's bedroom so I can't do laundry after she goes to bed or before she gets up, and even when she is awake I have to step over the minefield of toys to get at my washer and dryer.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Well, it does LOOK beautiful at least, I love the colors...maybe it's just a temporary fix and you'll find the place of your dreams that will fit your family.