Oct 19, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Yesterday evening, Princess Mag-pie had a particularly rough evening. She was cranky and crying a lot. I didn't get frustrated, I just did what I could to make her feel better. And later, when she was sleeping in my arms, I looked down at her beautiful face, I felt her little body breathing against my chest, I saw her lashes resting on her little chubby cheeks and I remembered how long I have waited for her. I thought of all those five years of waiting for a baby like her and I was overwhelmed with the love I feel for her. I just sat there on the couch, holding her, with tears streaming down my cheeks as I remembered just how lucky I am to have this beautiful girl to watch over as she grows up to bring almost as much joy to the rest of the world as she brings to mine.


Julie said...

What a special moment!!!

Tasha said...

How sweet

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful baby you have.