Oct 28, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

My Tackle It Tuesday this week is the twofold. Unfortunately I didn't get any before pics. But For my kitchen, I got a couple of new shelves given to me and I decided to use them in my kitchen. I like the country rustic look that I am coming up with. So once I had the shelves I had to organize them as well as my cupboards. This is the results:

I also cleaned Princess Belle's bedroom. Now for a before picture, close your eyes and imagine the worst, most messy bedroom you have ever seen. Do you see it? Good. Okay now times that by three and we are closing in on the mess that Princess Belle's room was in. I was afraid to walk across the floor for fear I would walk on and break one of her favorite toys. When I was cleaning, I unearthed a full half of her wardrobe poked in every corner and buried under toys. Now I didn't take pics right away and she has been in there playing, but now her toys and books are spread across the table in there and when she was digging for toys, she just piled the rest in the other half of the toybox and not on the floor. I used to organize and put all her like toys together. But I told her that until she will keep her toys somewhat organized and not just empty the containers on the floor, she is getting one toybox for everthing.

Here are the after pics:


Fantastagirl said...

I don't know how you do it all - the after pictures are amazing - looks great!

heidi said...

Woot!!! I love that cupboard you set up!

MomOf3 said...

Wow! This looks great! :)

Julie said...

Your kitchen looks awesome!