Oct 6, 2008

Monday Mumblings

So I am still working on my very first scrapbooking kit ever. I have created a couple more backgrounds, a couple of frames and I am planning on creating a few ribbons and another frame. When I am done, I will offer it up for free to anyone who is interested. This has been fun for me.

Princess Mag-pie is starting to learn to put herself to sleep when she wakes up. I think it is harder for me than it is for her. It takes a lot of self control for me not to run in and pick her up the minute she squeaks. I will not let her out and out cry, but if she wakes up and starts making little sounds, I will wait and see if she goes back to sleep.

She is still more clingy than usual though and it means that I have less time for everything that I like to get done. (Oh, there she goes again, I gotta go. Talk to you all later!)


Julie said...

Can't wait to see your completed kit! ... I don't have a desire to be a designer, but I love using other people's kits. *lol*

Incog & Nito said...

Looking forward to seeing your kit. And as you know spend every minute you can with your Princesses as they grow up too quickly these days. Enjoy your week.

brenna said...

I'm eager to see your finished kit!