Jan 23, 2017

That's Kind of Sad

I had a conversation with the little girls today and I was saddened to realize that they don't know what my family even looks like.  How sad is it that my kids don't get to know their grandparents and Aunt and Uncle from my side of our family.  

I went searching and found pictures to show them.  It took a while and I to look through my Aunt's Facebook page.  But I was able to show them my family as well as some of my Aunts and Uncles.

They asked why they don't know them and I simply said that we just don't get to see them that much but it was okay because we have lots of people that we love that we do get to see.  I didn't want to have anything bad to say.  The girls don't need to jnow that they don't approve of of my life choices.  girls don't need that kind of negativity.  They j7st need to know that I will ALWAYS love and support them and that they are surrounded by love.

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