Jan 3, 2017

Do You See These Girls?

These girls were excited to have this big house.   They loved the idea of having their own rooms . . . at first.

For a couple of months it was fun.  But then these two girls started to miss each other.  After 7 years of sharing a room, they started to get lonely.  They have started crying at bedtime because they want to stay together.

There are worse things in the world than having two girls who love each other that much.   They are so sweet, so close, and so bonded.  And that is kind of wonderful.

So after weeks of them begging to share a room again, we decided to change things for them.

We are going to put them both in Princess Magpie's room and turn Princess Snifflefritz's room into our classroom.  Then the big room downstairs will be simply a playroom with organized zones.

When we told the girls last night, they were hysterical with joy.  According to Princess Magpie, she wanted her room until she had one and then she found out it was really lonely.  So now she and Princess Snifflefritz can't wait for us to make the change.

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