Jan 1, 2017


I like to have goals for my new year instead of resolutions.  I like to think of things that I would like to work towards or you continue to work towards.

This year I would like to:

1.  Continue to focus on improving our homeschool experience.  I want balance bookwork with all the fun parts of educating at home.  I want to make learning a fun life-long endeavor for our family.

2.  Focus on healthy eating.  I have been at a weight-loss plateau for a LONG time but this is about being healthy for my family and being a better role model for my girls.

3.  I also want to continue to make the best of our beautiful new home.  There are changes I want to make.  I need shelving and supplies for better organization.

4.  One area of the house I want to make special is Little Prince's room.  I have to come up with creative and safe solutions for him.

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