Oct 3, 2016


This has been a day where I plan.  I have been planning ways to make the playroom in the new house safe and fun for all the kids including Little Prince.

I have also been planning ways to make his room safe, comforting for him, as well as cute.

That got me thinking about when we start homeschooling there.  I am trying to find what ways I can make it suitable for every one of the kids.

Then I got to thinking about homeschooling Little Prince when the time comes.  I was researching curriculums, techniques, and tools.

On a sidenote, we discussed Little Prince's EIBI therapy and homeschooling with his therapist the other day. She told us we are allowed to delay his school starting date for a year to make sure he is more ready.  She feels that allowing him to benefit from a full year of EIBI would prepare him for homeschooling and I agree.  I am hoping better communication skills will help me know how to approach his education.

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