Oct 2, 2016

At Least . . .

This little cute decided to wake up at about midnight last night and refused to go back to sleep.  At about 2 am he decided he needed me to take him downstairs for some shows, some books and a snack of "carrots" (which is what he calls crunchy cheesies).  He went back to bed a couple of hours later, but didn't go back to sleep until 9:30 this morning!!!!!!  I am one tired mommy today!  I let him sleep today because I would rather deal with sleep deprivation myself then deal with a sleep deprived, cranky boy.  He is happiily watching Bubble Guppies and eating a sandwich at the moment.  So he is happy anyway . . . even if I expect tonight to be a repeat performance of last night.  Oh well, he is cute night-time companion. 

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