Oct 28, 2016


I have to say, this is the first time I have ever felt like I really feel like this (and really really hope that this) is our final destination.  We have lived here just one week and when we pull up into the driveway, I breath a sigh of relief that we are home.

As the pictures I have shared show you, this house is beautiful and large and wonderful but there is so much more than that to love.
Every store we go to is friendly, chatty, and helpful.  LOL  Little Prince was with us at a grocery store and he started to get upset (as autistic kids will sometimes do).  One of the cashiers recognized that he had autism and went into the back and got him a piece of cake to enjoy while we shopped!!!!

I love all the little shops and I love all the people who are so quick to welcome us the neighbourhood.  Everybody we meet is curious in a friendly way and they want to know who we are, where we are from and where we are living now.  When we tell them, they are quick to tell us stories about our home!  That was so thoughtful.  We have discovered that this 120 year old house was a restaurant about 30 years ago and we even me someone who used to work here!  We have seen cute a little variety store, two great grocery stores with reasonable prices, and cafe's and other places.

The scenery here is breathtaking every where I go and it is all I can do not to pull the car over every five minutes so that I can get out an take another picture.  And because it is fall, the trees are just beautiful with so many pretty colors all around us.

I truly love everything about living here and I hope this is the place my children get to grow up.

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