Jun 16, 2016

So Very Much Awesome!!

I found another amazing place here in town.  It is called "The Wooden Buoy".  It is an incredible place filled with so much old world charm!!  Around every corner is a cute vignette with the most marvelous antiques, collectibles, and recycled and/or hand-made art.  It is a like an extraordinary museum where you get to purchase the exhibits!!!  And the prices were so great!  I mean when I see an antique, I expect the price to be way outside of my reach, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that all these things were priced in such a reasonable way!  I can totally outfit my house with items from this store and not break the bank to do it!!  I was so awestruck that I couldn't even take in everything and I am definitely going to be making more trips to this wonderful shop!!

Here are just a few of the wonders that caught my eye:

This cute guy greeted us at the door.  It was all I could do not to take him home with me.  Isn't he just the cutest???

When I stepped through the door I was caught off guard by the sheer vast size of the space inside.  I hadn't expected that!  And the more I explored, the larger the space seemed to be. 

The first things that caught my eye on the inside were garden art, one if a kind art, vintage, repurposed, and garden decor like this super-cute flower made with vintage dishware and the bird feeders made with vintage teacups!!  I just loved them!

In that sections of the store there so many wonderful art-pieces that I just loved. 

This crab just made me smile! 

Prince Charming fell in love with this section will all the old-time hand tools!  It spoke to his heart!  I can totally see some Christmas presents for him coming from here!

I just loved this little Indian statue.  It brought me back to my childhood and had me humming, "Kaw Liga" as I wandered further through the shop.

There were even working spinning wheels!!!

And this rocking horse was so beautiful.  I could just imagine small children enjoying him in years gone by.  Wouldn't he look sweet in the corner of a living room or by a fireplace?

This Chess set was carved into African Characters.

There were a couple of gramophones!  I wanted to take one of them home so badly!

Someone obviously worked really hard to set up these intricate, adorable vignettes!  I could totally see this as a room straight out of the past.  

The quality and selection of items in this shop was unbelievable!  Look at these toys!

I LOVE Campbell's collectibles!  Are they cool?

This top hat stopped me in my tracks!  I adore it!

I could totally see this dress-maker's form in Princess Belle's room!  And this globe belongs on the top shelf of my classroom!  It really does!

This entire shelf needs to come to my kitchen!  It is simply perfect!

These canes caught my attention too.  I would love them just like this in then entry of my home.

The uniforms were like moments of history stepped right out of the past.

I would love this in my home!  I can almost hear the children laughing.  

These guys were sitting by the door on my way out and you all know how much I love old books of all kinds!

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