Jun 14, 2016

Great Market!!

There was a great Antiques and Collectables market this weekend that I had so much fun visiting.  There were so many amazing vendors!  I didn't buy much that day, but I collected cards from all my favorite people, because there were some wonderful vintage and antique things that I would love to furnish our lovely aged house with.   I am definitely going to go exploring their shops!   

Look at the awesome finds!  LOVE the old top hat!

So many cool things to see!

These were tiny little antique sewing machines!  They even worked!!

My mom had this exact set when I was a kid!!  I was happy to see them!

This antique coal stove was built in 1855 here in Yarmouth.  Then vendor was happy to buy it and bring it home to Yarmouth and hopefully someone here will buy to keep it here in the area!

Prince Charming was thrilled with all the old tools!  

These were beautiful vintage muffin liners!  So cute!  

I was told that this is an annual market and I definitely plan on attending again next year!

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Linda said...

I really love vintage! Thanks so much for sharing. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.