Jun 13, 2016

New Discovery!!!

I love discovering new places. And I love discovering new parts of places I have previously visited!  It is wonderful to find hidden treasures!

This week I went to a store here in Yarmouth that is called, "Sandy's Gifts".   I had seen the store from the front before.  It has a super-cute storefront and looks lovely.

But I wrong assumed it was more of a souvenir shop.  Well this time, I happened to be behind the store, waiting for Prince Charming to get out the bank when I noticed the back door to the store and decided to explore.

I was thrilled to find a whole section of wonderful things for my kids!

I saw things I could use to teach my kids, things my kids would LOVE, and things that sparked my imagination.

In the front of the store, there were wonderful things for adults, but in the back of the store was a wonderful treasure trove of fabulous things.

The staff was wonderful and so very helpful and I had so much fun as I wandered through the store taking pictures of things that I want to buy!  There are just so many, but here are a few: 

This will be bought to teach the girls to tie their shoes!

A MONKEY PILLOW!!!!   Little Prince will have a backup in case anything happens to his beloved monkey pillow.  When Autism is getting the best of him, his monkey pillow soothes him. 

I will be buying this to use with the little girls!!

I have to say this is a store I am definitely going to be spending a lot of time in.  I will be shopping there for homeschool, for birthdays, and for Christmas!!!  I am so excited!!!

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