Jun 29, 2016

Well That Was an Adventure I Could Have Done Without!

So we had quite the adventure the other day!  First, let me tell you a secret, this house is OLD.  I mean it was built before indoor plumbing and electricity old, I mean the bathroom had no sink and there are no outlets in two bedrooms old.  This is an O L D house and it has been a rental property for decades and the tenants have not taken real great care of it.  I LOVE the character of an old house but it does come with some inconveniences.  Such as, trying to find a stud to hand a picture on only to realize that the entire middle of the wall has NO STUDS at all!!!!!  And the only bedroom that wasn't painted when we moved in was Little Prince's room.  We planned on doing that next month because it looked pretty ugly and he deserves a cute room too.  One panel on the wall had duct tape running along the seam. 

So now that you understand this house, let's move on to the adventure the other day.  Princess Belle went to bring a drink to Little Prince who always likes a drink before he gets up for the day.  She looked in  his room and called me in a panic!  Little Prince had removed the duct tape from the wall (as a curious, autistic 4 year old child is likely to do) and when he did, the entire panel came off the wall.  Then he removed all the insulation and scattered it around his room!  There was pink and paper EVERYWHERE!!!  There were a few finishing nails sticking out of the panel.  That was all that was holding it up!  It was a MESS and it was scary.  Little Prince has no sense of safety and could have really hurt himself.  I was more than a little panicked as I cleaned up the mess. 

I love my house, I love the character, but the hidden things scare me a little.  Here's to no more disasterous finds!

This is Little Prince staring at the ceiling fan.

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