Dec 1, 2015

How our Homeschool day goes.

The days are SO long these days.  They are exhausting but they are good.  After I have a coffee and the girls are fed, we do homeschool.  At this point, I am homeschooling the three girls each individually one at a time.  This is long but the girls do better that way.

And now that it is December we are doing a daily Christmas craft.  The girls LOVE that.

Then the girls play with their brother while I take a little tome to cook and clean.  And after supper we watch a Christmas movie before the little ones go to bed.

I find I am on the go from dawn to dusk and I barely hsve time to sit, but I am getting it all accomplished.  Fitting in Little Prince's four different therapies, and extra house cleaning is the tough part and making appointments for myself is a lost cause.

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