Nov 30, 2015

More Homeschool Organization

I have been using a bakers rack as a place to store our currently being used homeschool supplies (other than the craft supplies I have on my two little shelves.)

Well I was so inspired by my craft supply organization that I decided to organize this rack as well. I just worked with containers I have for now.

So the first picture shows:

  • A basket for staples, paper clips, alligator clips, and sticky tac.
  • A basket for math blocks 
  • A magazine holder for empty files
  • A old dish rack to hold and sort their homeschool books
  • Book ends to hold partly used notebooks
  • A pink basket holding new packs of crayons and sidewalk chalk 
  • Two little drawers.  One with new pencils and one with new erasers (I have enough erasers for a lifetime)
  • A pencil shaped electric pencil sharpener
  • A couple of sheets of cardstock 

This second picture isn't as  nice but it shows:

  • A container for the artwork they want to save
  • A container full of opened crayons
  • All our lined paper
  • All our Hilroy notebooks
  • All our coil notebooks
  • And underneath diapers and wipes for Little Prince

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