Dec 14, 2015

Christmas Decorations with Autism

I have had to rethink our decorations given the fact that Little Prince is a likely to break things.  I wanted the house to be festive but I didn't want autism to put a damper on things. Little Prince gets excited by things and grabs them and throws them.  He loves them, but he breaks things. So I decorated up high, I filled the ceiling with snowflakes.

I hung ornaments from the curtain rods.

I gift-wrapped the kitchen cupboards.

I delayed putting up the tree until a week before Christmas.  And then I had the idea to decorate with Christmas stuffed animals.  Any place I may be inclined to put cute holiday ceramic ornaments, I put arrangements of holiday themed stuffies!  It looks so cute and festive and if Little Prince gets at them it is no big deal!  The kids have rearranged them a dozen times but I don't care because I love it!

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