Jun 15, 2012

Pics of our new HOUSE!

Here is the house we are going to be living in. There is stuff around from the guys who are fixing it up. I love how bright and airy it is. I love that it has a fenced in backyard for me and the kids to enjoy. I am excited. We also have a little cupboard under the stairs (like in Harry Potter LOL) . While this is not the best neighbourhood, or the best house, this is SO much better than our little apartment in a crappy scary neighbourhood.

from the kitchen facing the washroom and the linen closet

Part of our living room

Another Part of our living room

Part of our kitchen

Another Part of our kitchen

 The master bedroom

The washroom (everything bright and new except the PINK tub which I can hide with a nice clean, white shower curtain)

View from the master bedroom window

Down the stairs (the only carpet in the house)

The furnace room which has been newly painted

Shelving for storage in the furnace room

Princess Belle's room

The Little Girls’ room

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